Making the leap to entrepreneurship or non-diet nutrition as a dietitian can be daunting and overwhelming. Let me guide you in taking the first steps to building the business of your dreams!



In 2014, I made the bold leap to start a private practice after six years of working as an outpatient dietitian in a medical setting. I knew if I didn’t make the leap then, I never would. So with little preparation or planning, I was thrust into the world of entrepreneurship.

In the years since, I’ve learned A LOT about what it takes to run a successful non-diet nutrition business, through failure and thankfully, through success. Today, I run a successful private practice & a profitable blog, and collaborate with brands on consulting and freelance projects. In moving from a traditional nutrition practice to a non-diet practice, I have experienced that messy and challenging period of learning how to put intuitive eating principles in to practice. I Although I still face daily challenges, I have found confidence and feel fulfilled in the work I do. I wake up excited and somedays, I even manage to find that elusive work-life balance!

I would love to help you reach the same success that I have found. Let’s turn your dreams of a private practice into an actionable plan for success!

Sample topics we can cover in your coaching call include:

  • Case consultation

  • Incorporating intuitive eating/Health at Every Size into your practice

  • Discovering your niche

  • Logistical steps for starting a business

  • Networking with other health professionals -

  • Building a client base

  • Finding your voice and communicating with your ideal client

  • Building a virtual nutrition practice

  • Using your blog or social media to market your services



30 minute coaching call


The 30 minute career coaching call is best for a Q&A-style session or going in depth on one or two specific areas. We will briefly discuss your goals for your practice and the steps you’ve taken so far so we can tailor advice around your needs. Please come prepared with a list of questions or topics!



60 minute coaching call


With a 60 minute career coaching call, we’ll have more time to go in depth on your goals and vision for your dream business. During the call, we will streamline your vision, answer your burning questions, and hone in on one or two action areas.